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First Album - "Let's try something different"

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(Just Shake That) single Play (Just Shake That)
(Like Boing) single Play (Like Boing)




(Those words you said) singlePlay (Those words you said)

(Scream and Shout) singlePlay (Scream and Shout)




(I'm so vain) singlePlay (I'm so vain)

(When is my time up?) singlePlay (When is my time up?)




(Internet Dating) singlePlay (Internet Dating)

(Take care of my Baby) singlePlay (Take care of my Baby)




(Road to Heaven) singlePlay (Road to Heaven)

(The True Meaning of Christmas) singlePlay (The True Meaning of Christmas)





Date not released for 2nd album yet.

(Untitled) singlePlay (Untitled)

(The Day I Remember) singlePlay (The Day I Remember)




(I Can't Believe It!) singlePlay (I Can't Believe It!)

(She's Takin' Over Me) singlePlay (She's Takin' Over Me)

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